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 Antique Dealers Events-Artist Space-Fundraising-Popup Shops

Dealers/Businesses Owners

Tired of setting up at flea markets and street fairs. Then this is a great opportunity for you. We are always looking for qualified dealers and curators to sell their collectibles and unique items at our  Boutique. We even help you setup, display and sell your items for you. You get to make money without being physically at an actual storefront. We have low fees.

Rental/ Events/ Artist Space

We have rental and artist space available. We have hosted many events at our quaint Boutique. The events we have hosted range from artist showings, listening parties, fashion shows, yoga class etc. We also rent the place out for private events, photo shoots ,filmmaking and gallery openings.

Popup Shop

Need a space for a pop-up shop? Popup shops are embraced by us! Perhaps you make certain kind of items and you're looking to sell them. And you don't want to have the expense and responsibilities of actually opening up a storefront.

Then this is the ideal situation for someone just starting their journey in Retail. Not only does it come with the potential of built-in foot traffic, loyal clientele. But the ability to acquaint yourself with your target demographic and with your brand.


We have hosted many fundraising events at our Boutique. Events for local schools, local sports teams, local charities etc.

If you would like more information on any of the above. Please contact us directly. All the information is on our contact page. 

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