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PLEASE NOTE: We are now accepting 2019 FALL Items. 

Accessories are our BEST SELLER !!!! So please don't forget your handbags/purses, costume jewelry, sunglasses, shawls, belts etc. (EVERY THING IN EXCELLENT/TO GREAT CONDITION- FOOTWARE MUST BE WIPED DOWN- HANDBAGS/PURSES SHOULD BE CLEANED OUT!)

Consignment Procedures- Policy's-Terms & Criteria

PLEASE NOTE: We are accepting  FALL Items. We pay the highest commission! EXTRA 20% if sales are left as store credit!

We accept consignments daily by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Call or stop in to make an appointment. Each consignor is allowed up to 15-20 min. for an appointment.

We do not charge any membership or sign up/registration fees.

An ID is required & valid email address is required to open an account with us.

We reserve the right to reject any item brought in for consignment for any reason.  Please do not be offended if any of your items are rejected. We want you to sell your items as quickly as possible.

We accept ONLY QUALITY ITEMS, and in EXCELLENT condition. Clothing will be selected or rejected based on quality, condition, brand and need. All items must be CLEAN, washed, laundered/wrinkled free. We will NOT except any clothing  with tears, rips, stains worn out knees, fading, pulling, missing buttons ,broken zippers or torn seams, smell like  smoke/cigarette’s/pets or have pet hair.  Please ensure that all clothing is "Gently Used". PLEASE BE SURE TO CLEAN OUT YOURE HAND BAGS AND PLEASE WIPE DOWN YOUR FOOTWARE!

Accessories are our BEST SELLER’S. Handbags, Designer & Selective Vintage, Costume Jewelry, Sunglasses, Hats, Belts, Shawls & Evening Bags etc. High-EndDesigner bags and Shoes- sell well & you receive a higher on payout designer/luxury. We DO NOT TAKE SUITS, NOR BRIDEMAIDS DRESSES. WE ONLY TAKE ANTIQUE/VINTAGE WEDDING DRESSES! (50 YEARS OLD OR OLDER)

We also take limited housewares: wall scones, ornate glasses, wall mirrors, hand mirrors, vanity trays, perfume bottles, vintage makeup compacts, vintage cameras-type writers and telephones.

We cannot guarantee that we will accept all items / we make choices based on our knowledge of our clients preferences and our existing inventory.


Pricing Merchandise

We price each item based on our many years of experience in the industry. Items are reduced every 30 days.

Unsold consigned merchandise is subject to a reduction in Selling Price after 30 days and again after 60 days, any unsold merchandise after 90 days must be picked up or the consignor will lose and the items will become property of the store. NO exceptions will be made! We do NOT notify you prior to the expiration date. Expired items become property of  Monkey Girlz Consignment so they can be clearance or donated at our discretion

***PLEASE NOTE***  Checks will be issued for amounts of $5.00 and over, ANYTHING under $5.00 will be left as a store credit. If you do not make contact with us within 90days to get payment you will forfeit any payment/monies due. The monies will be left as store credit after 90 day period term for an additional 10 days, we will only honor the store credit for 10 days after- after 10 days you will have NO STORE CREDIT/NO MONIES WILL BE OWED!!! - It will be expired. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep track of their dates.

PLEASE remember these are your items and you must keep track of your dates as it is easier for you to keep track .

Monkey Girlz reserves the rights to alter or change this policy at any given time.


Thank you for thinking of us. GIVE US A CALL TODAY TO SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT. For more information and for questions please call us at 201-500-5919

We are now accepting 2019 FALL Items. (See contact page for more info)