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About Consignment

People (also known as consignors) bring us treasures to sell on their behalf. We don’t own the merchandise /we pay the consignors when their items sell. We are NOT A THRIFT STORE. Thrift stores acquire items on donations and take anything! At a CONSIGNMENT boutique it is very different!!! We pick and chose everything we sell. We go through every item and hand pick the BEST ONLY! We are very discerning and selective with the items we sell. All items are cleaned, steamed and disinfected.

Is Monkey Girlz Consignment is resale, thrift or consignment store? What is the difference among the two?

A Consignment Store sells your items for you. When sold, the store pays you a percentage of the selling price in cash or store credit, whichever you prefer.

A Thrift Store is a “non for profit” store and is selling donated items. These stores are usually associated with a Church or Charity.

You make money for your items by Consigning –  Prices will be set by Monkey Girlz Consignment based on multiple things like; brand, condition, products original selling prices, demand etc.  Of course if you have a high end item we will discuss the prices with you.

The merchandise  at Monkey Girlz Treasures come from all around the world . Beautiful items arrive every day. Part of the fun of shopping at Monkey Girlz  is finding a treasure that’s just for you! We typically only have one of any item.

If you currently are an active consignor or are interested in bringing in some items in for consignment, check out our Consignment Terms And Policy Page for a  few tips on how to pick the best of your items to consign. Following these few tips on what to bring in and it will help you increase your earnings for your consignment!


Do you have items that you have only used once?

Do you  have items you bought because they were on sale ?

 Do you have items that don't fit  or you don't think is your style/size anymore ?

 Do you have items that were given to you as a gift and its really not you? 

Do you need to make room in your closet?

Are you downsizing or moving?

 If you answered yes, then you are like most women and consignment is a good way of getting those unwanted items out of your closest and you can earn some extra cash!

Convert your closet found MONEY!

We are Happy that you have decided to share your Gently/Pre-Loved items with others & now someone else can get use out of them.  Re-Sale Re-Love Re-cycle Re-Use Re-Purpose.

Thank you for thinking of us. GIVE US A CALL TODAY TO SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT. For more information and for questions please call us at 201-500-5919 or email us at [email protected]